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Looking for a professional security company?

Hi8 Security is among the best and most reliable security companies in Melbourne

Investing in professional security solutions is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make, because the peace of mind that you enjoy as a result is just priceless. Keeping that in mind, it is always a good idea to take precautions and keep your premises secure is. Hi8 Security is one of the most capable security companies in Melbourne. We believe in providing not only security and protection but also a promise of reliability and trust.

At Hi8 Security, we provide professional and experienced security guards for various locations and sites. Our security guards are capable of ensuring your safety while keeping a vigilant eye on your valuable assets and your propertyin Melbourne, All you have to do is hire our security service. Once you have done that, from performing our version of a site inspection to putting certain security protocols at your location, we take care of everything.

Why do you need our security services?

Hi8 Security is one of the best security companies in Australia providing security and protection for all types of residential and commercial clients in Melbourne. While the crime rate in Melbourne is moderate, it is not non-existent. That is why today, we will give you a much better insight into how our services can help you.

  • For safeguarding your business and home assets
  • For ensuring security of your loved ones and employees
  • For monitoring your premises
  • To deter crimes like theft, assault, vandalism, sexual assault

To prevent incidents like destruction of property, trespassing, assaults or other actions by disgruntled employees

Incidents like these are easily avoidable and contained by the professional assistance of our security company. Our experienced security teams know how to secure a perimeter at multiple locations with different structures. We also frequently encourage our security team to engage in training exercises to prepare them for many different situations and outcomes that could happen at your location.

Why should you choose Hi8 Security?

Hi8 Security is one of the best security companies in Melbourne with security teams and resources that can ensure reliable security and protection for your premises. Our security company prides itself with professionals that assess every potential risk and danger at your location or site and create suitable protocols for your location. In short, you can avoid many unfortunate incidents with our assistance. We provide our services for locations like corporate buildings & offices, retails stores, private events, hotels, other licenced venues and constructions sites and more.

  • Theft, assault, vandalism and potentially violent incidents are all possible scenarios at these locations.
  • Our professional security guards put various security protocols at your location that allows us to avoid the possibility of such incidents.
  • Our vigilant security guards monitor the security cameras and always have a ‘quick response team” on standby.
  • We do a thorough inspection of your premises to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your security and protection.
  • At Hi8 Security, we have teams of security guards that are suitable for many different locations. Our security guards are known to be courteous; they are able to alter their professional etiquette to blend in with the environment of various locations.They do this to keep everyone comfortable and protect your offices, private events, construction sites, etc in the best possible way.

With Hi8 Security, you can enjoy

  • A dedicated relationship manager, who will be your one-point-contact for all your interactions with us
  • Legitimate security agency, Hi8 Security conforms to Australian standards of professional security and protection
  • Professional security guards &resources

Capable security consultants, guards and supply of necessary resources required for all your dealings with us

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With HI8, you’ll get:


Dedicated Account Manager

Only be liasing with one person for your entire project

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Compliant to Australian Standards

Fully licensed and accredited in quality, OH&S and environment


Everything covered

Full supply of security equipment, officers and consulting that meets your unique requirements

business premises security guard

Don’t overlook security.

The lack of security measures can bring major destruction to your property and people.

Get your premium security measures in place professionally, so you can stay in control and be in the know 24/7.

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