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We provide reliable security solutions, and the comfort of safety

When it comes to protecting your loved ones, property or other precious assets, there is no such thing as being paranoid, only precautious. As one of the best professional security firms in Melbourne, we understand the difference between the two and seek to provide intelligent and thoughtfully designed professional security services for our clients. All our services come from a space of genuine care for our clients, and the difference is discernible in our service quality.

What we do

We are a recognized security company in Melbourne providing highly professional security services for numerous public and commercial establishments, residential premises, private events, retail businesses and construction sites.

When it comes to security, there is an array of options to choose from – from advanced CCTV and alarm systems, to automated access control systems. But despite all of these technologically advanced solutions, we believe that there is nothing that can quite beat the combination of experience, intelligence and care, which can only be provided by human-powered security. And this is what we excel in, and are proud to be regarded among the most trustworthy security guard companies in Melbourne.

Our security guards do much more than monitoring the entry and exit points. They also undertake perimeter patrolling and CCTV monitoring, to ensure that everything is always monitored at all times.


What sets us apart


We take our work very seriously, and have earned the distinction of being the most preferred professional Melbourne security company. All of our service staff and security guards are polite, well trained and experienced. We have set very high standards for ourselves, and you can be assured of a smooth and timely service experience from our side.


With Hi8 Security, we not only provide security, protection and the comfort of safety but also reliability. We know that when someone hires a security company, most of the time it is a precautious measure taken to avoid expensive and unfortunate incidents. Bearing that in mind, we make sure that our security guards and resources prove helpful to you in the time of need and emergencies. Reliability is an essential trait of a security company and thus, we do our best to provide that to you in the best way possible.

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How can we help you

We are an expert security guarding company in Melbourne, with experience in providing security services to a wide variety of clients. Unlike most other companies that offer a wider range of security services, we believe that unwavering focus on perfecting one aspect of security allows us to serve our clients better.

So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable security company for hire, then give us a call right now and we’ll have a chat.