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with our specialized security services in Melbourne.

Being a private security company in Melbourne, Hi8 has equipped itself with services that can serve your various needs. Our security guards are professional and capable of working efficiently in multiple locations. We do our best to ensure that all our security guards and services keep you protected and ready for all kinds of unavoidable emergencies. Today, we will give you an insightful tour of our services, so you can better understand how can you benefit from them and whether you need them.

Hi8 Security Services

Residential Areas -

- We provide security guards and services for residential areas when required. In Melbourne, we have a good reputation for providing reliable security services in residential areas.
- Our services include the installation of CCTV and alarm systems, creating home security protocols and guidelines for you to follow and protect your home in the best possible way.
- We help you understand our guidelines and instructions for home watch security, so you can handle the security of your house in a professional manner.

Commercial Establishments

- Commercial establishments include corporate offices and buildings, hotels, casinos, retails businesses like shopping centres and more.
- We provide highly professional and reliable security guards for commercial establishments.
- Our security guards know how to utilize the services and resources of Hi8 in a way that would prove most beneficial for your establishment.
- At Hi8, we have experienced security guards that inspect your commercial establishments as thoroughly as it is allowed.
- Once our security guards have a better understanding of your establishments, we can easily choose strategic positions and places to install CCTV cameras and alarm systems.
- It allows our security guards to provide various security services like urgent perimeter security, quick response teams, silent watch and protection and other security services that keep you and your establishment safe and prosperous.

Private Events

- When you hire Hi8 for private events like weddings, corporate celebrations, parties, other family functions and more, our vigilant security guards make sure that your event is well-protected and takes place as smoothly as possible.
- As a private security company from Melbourne, we understand the significance of securing the venue and the guests with relevant security measures, so that you can enjoy a smooth event without any unfortunate incidents.

Construction Sites

- Construction sites are often the victims of vandalism, property destruction, thefts and other unacceptable crimes that can give a bad name to the site.
- We also have 24/7 service security guards that can provide a vigilant eye and protections for your construction sites.

We are proud to be recognized as a reliable security company that you can rely on for professional security services. To know more about us, give us a call right now or you can request a quote for your security needs on our website.