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Any civil engineering or construction project requires heavy investment of resources and workforce, time and energy. Unfortunately, because of the high-value materials and equipment on these project sites, they are also the most susceptible to security threats like theft, unauthorized access and vandalism. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that there is often a lot of manpower, materials and machinery movement going on in these sites, as they physically change over time. This can make it difficult for any one person to effectively monitor everything that is going on at the site.

At Hi8 Security, we help you take care of these risks with customized construction site security that will help to safeguard and watch over the complete project site, 24×7.

We start with a thorough security audit to ensure that no security vulnerabilities are left out. We then design a comprehensive security plan that includes a combination of humans and technology that can provide robust security for your construction project. Some of the common measures we apply would include:

Perimeter fencing and monitoring

As basic as this might sound, this is often the first level of security barrier that can prevent easy access for intruders. But apart from fences and locks, you could go the extra mile by having our security guards patrol the perimeter to keep a watch on anything suspicious.

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Video Surveillance and Security Alarms

Installing CCTV cameras around the project site is an effective way to not only monitor what is happening, but also deter those with mala fide intentions. Combining these with security alarms that go off can work really well for large, busy sites.

On-Site Security Guards

Having a team of human security guards also works as a strong deterrent. While there can be limitations to the areas they can monitor at one point of time, there is nothing that can beat the prompt action that they can take in the event of a security threat.

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