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It doesn’t matter whether you are a large corporation or a mid-sized one, you will always need reliable corporate security and protection services at your premises. As an individual tasked with ensuring the security of your office or building, it is your responsibility to hire a professional security agency that guarantees total security and reliability. A capable security team at your corporate location ensures a smooth work environment without you having to worry about safety and protection.

Hi8 Security is a private security company in Melbourne offering various security services for corporate building & offices, retail stores, private events, restaurants, hospitals, other venues and construction sites. We have various methods of creating secure environments at private or public companies and organizations. Therefore, our security experts would like to tell you what our corporate security services are and how they can benefit your corporate offices and buildings.

Corporate security protocols

  • Hi8 Security Melbourne is a private security company with professional teams of security guards that study and assess every potential risk factor at your location.
  • Our security guards follow various security protocols that are most suitable for your corporate office or
  • We implement measures to create a secure perimeter for your premises.
  • It allows us to deal with any theft, assault, sexual assault, vandalism, destruction of property, trespassing, assaults or other actions by disgruntled employees.

Protection of company assets

  • We protect valuable company property and assets from many potential threats and dangers.

Our security guards also have experience with handling unfortunate incidents like damage to property and assets in the best possible ways while also making sure the safety of every individual at your company.

24/7 security services

  • Corporate work hours can change and vary from company to company, making it essential to have our security services on your premises at all times.
  • Being a private security company, Hi8 Security Melbourne has teams of trained and experienced security guards to offer 24/7 security services and protection for your corporate premises.



CCTV monitoring

  • Apart from CCTV installations, we also provide security guards for monitoring security cameras of your premises. They can identify and report any potential threats and dangers before they happen.
  • Our security guards also make sure that all your company rules and regulations are followed by everyone and help tomaintain a nonviolent work environment.

Quick response teams

  • If our security guards monitoring the CCTV notice any unusual or suspicious activity happening in your premises, they report it and then our security’s quick response team is dispatched to that location immediately.
  • Our security’s quick response team deals with the issue without causing too much disturbanceat your premises.
  • We provideone or multiple quick response teams at your location based on the structure and requirements of your corporate office or building.
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  • At Hi8 Security Melbourne, we believe in providing completecorporatesecurity and protection services while also blending in with the overall company image of your business.
  • In other words, we have a sense of belonging for any company that we provide security services for,making sure that we represent the professional image of your company.
  • Once you hire us, our security guards entirely become your security guards as they work to represent and protect the reputation of your company, its business, property and valuable assets.

Our promise of corporate security and protectionservices ensures the safety of your employees, company assets and properties along with other advantages that can be beneficial for your corporations. Call or email us anytime to get to know more about our services and request a quote for your security needs on our website.

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