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The choice to hire concierge security services is a way to enjoy the best in security, while creating an unparalleled service experience for visitors. At Hi8 Security, we have experienced and well-trained concierge security personnel that can provide reliable security services along with the professional etiquette of a good concierge, for premium residences and high-end commercial establishments.

We are a recognized private security company from Melbourne providing capable security guards and related services. At Hi8 Security, we have dedicated teams of concierge security personnel that are suitable for various establishments, private events and security for VIP as well. Our primary goal at Hi8 Security is to provide the reliable comfort of security and contribute to the prosperity of multiple establishments.

Concierge Security for Commercial Establishments

  • Hiring the services of concierge security personnel adds more oomph to any commercial establishment.
  • At Hi8 Security, we recruit people for concierge services by evaluating multiple aspects like experience, communication skills, the ability to quickly learn different etiquette and protocols of various establishments and the ability to handle emergencies with professionalism.
  • Our concierge services involve security personnel that are experienced with protecting people, properties and valuable while also blending in with the environment of multiple establishments.
  • Our concierge security personnel are polite with everyone and represent the theme/brand of your establishment as if it was their own.
  • When required, we also provide our exceptional security personnel for VIP individuals in your establishment.
  • From welcoming the guests/customers to your establishment to managing the “entry and exit” security protocols, maintenance of peace, CCTV monitoring and emergency security protocols, our concierge security personnel deal with everything with great finesse.

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VIP Security Protection

  • Apart from providing concierge security services for high end residential and commercial premises, we also provide personalized VIP security for individuals that require it.
  • Usually, VIP security services are needed for celebrities, politicians, CEOs and other popular/esteemed individuals.
  • At Hi8, we have a special team of security specialists and personnel that are best suitable for VIP protection services. Our VIP security personnel understand every aspect of protecting VIP individuals and thus, take certain security measures to ensure their safety without causing any harm to their public image.

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