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If you manage a licensed venue which sees a large number of daily crowds, you would need to comply with legal requirements of having adequate security and monitoring at your venue, such as security staff, bouncers, CCTVs, ID checks and the like, so as to create a safe environment for your staff as well as patrons.

Hi8 Security is a trusted security provider for all types of licensed venues, including restaurants and cafes, bars and pubs, nightclubs, gaming venues and even for private events. Over and above trained security guards and crowd controllers, we also undertake venue security auditing.

Akin to home watch security which closely monitors all aspects of keeping a home protected, our venue security guards keep a close eye on everything that is going on at your venue, and take immediate action on any suspicious activity.

There are many benefits of hiring licensed venue security guards.

Apart from maintaining safety, having a team of security guards can also help safeguard your venue and property from unruly crowd behavior, and can also help prevent accidents or avoidable injuries. Their presence can also deter any unlawful activity, and can keep crowd behavior in check.

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Why choose us?

We have a separate team of licensed venue security guards, with expertise in the various functions that might be required at different types of venues with a mix of static and moving crowds.

Unlike most other venue security providers, we adopt an integrated approach to our services. All of the projects we take on start off with an in-depth venue security audit, taking a close look at all the entry and exit points, vulnerable points, crowd movement patterns and existing on-site arrangements, to come up with an effective plan for your site, to prevent security issues from cropping up. This is how we go beyond the brief, to deliver complete client satisfaction.

We understand that the experience of your venue will also be influenced by how our security staff interacts with visitors, and this is why we take extra care to have a team of polite, well groomed and well experienced security guards.

Just as you would trust a home watch security to take accountability for protecting your home and loved ones, our licensed venue security experts take complete onus for keeping your venue and event safe for everyone. If you could like to know more, get in touch with us here.

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