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Unlike corporate sites, retail locations like shopping centres, malls and other stores have a large number of footfalls, combined with high value goods and other valuable equipment on the property. All of this is prone to theft, robbery and shoplifting if your retail business is not under the protection of professional security guards. That’s where we come in.

Hi8 Security is a private security company in Australia professionally capable of providing security guards and other security resources for your shopping centres and other retail businesses. Our security experts are keen to share with you the workings of our security agency and how it can provide reliable and professional security for your various retail businesses.

How can we help you?

Security guards

Despite the many advanced gadgets and tools available for securing a property today, there is nothing quite like having a team of human security guards to protect your shopping centre or other retail establishments. These guards are trained to not only monitor what is happening all over the premises, but they are also able to appropriately respond to any security emergency in real time.

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Shopping centre security

  • Shopping centres/Malls are often victims of shoplifting, robbery, violent robberies and troublemaker shoppers. Hi8 Security can help your retail business in preventing such unfortunate incidents and situations.
  • Our security agency has professional security consultants who can secure any location by following reliable security protocols that conform to the Australian standards of professional security and protection.
  • We provide services like CCTV Installation, CCTV Monitoring, Quick Response Teams, Perimeter Security, Emergency Protocols and various other security services that can vary with different structures of your retails buildings, stores and malls.

Perimeter security

Perimeter security is one of the most basic aspects of securing any type of premises. Retail businesses need to be extra careful as most commercial premises might have multiple avenues of entry and exit. Our security team ensures that perimeter security is taken care of, through regular patrolling as well as CCTV camera monitoring. We keep a watchful eye out for any untoward or suspicious activity within the premises.

CCTV installation & monitoring

Our security company is capable of providing state-of-the-art security cameras and their installation under the observation of our professional security consultants. Our security guards monitor these CCTV cameras with complete vigilance and take immediate action on any suspicious activity

Quick response teams

In case of emergencies or involving incidents like violent robberies, triggered alarms, troublemaker shoppers, we keep a quick response team on standby that responds to such incidents and contain the situation. They do their best to keep any big or small situation from going out of control.

Emergency protocols

Our security guards are always prepared to tackle emergencies like fires, unavoidable violent attacks and such. They make sure that civilians and shopping centre employees are well-protected and taken to a safe location in case the structure of your shopping centre is compromised.

Our security services prevent and contain any criminal activities at your shopping centre while also making sure that our security guards protect civilians and other innocent individuals during emergencies, violent and potentially violent situations.

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